My name is Kevin Crookes and I have written a modern day book of poems.

Please see the link: http://kdcrookes.com/

 I saw you at a kiddies party on Saturday and wrote a poem called "The Party Clown"

This poem will be in my next book "STILL AS IT IS" and is based on you.

I hope that you like it?

It was very entertaining watching you with the children on Saturday and I'm sure that everyone that was there enjoyed your Performance.


 Kevin Crookes


The party clown


The party clown,

is the man.

Entertaining the children,

the best that he can.


With a big red nose

and bright coloured clothes.

Making balloons into things,

that the children have chose.


Keeping them amazed,

with something that he's done.

Making them cheer

and have lots of fun.


Doing things differently,

never the same.

Turning everything he does,

into a game.


Then it is time

for him to go.

A really funny character,

what a great show!


                                                                                                            Kevin Crookes




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